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Dr. Pete Birdsall, creator of the Equine Bloodlines website,  graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

In the early 1970's he began a  project that researched the bloodlines of the leading show hunter and jumpers that were competing in North America.
The pedigree information of these horses was not readily available as many were Thoroughbreds competing  under show names.
The data was compiled utilizing  information personally supplied by owners, trainers and riders of these competition horses.

In 1981, Dr. Birdsall published 'Bloodlines of Hunters and Jumpers in North America'.
This three volume publication highlighted several hundred of the leading hunters, jumpers and event horses in North America. It was comprised mainly of Thoroughbred horses.
An extensive cross-index feature in these books made them useful  for the evaluation of pedigree information.
In the late 1980's, Dr. Birdsall published ' The Compendium of Sport Horse Bloodlines' which researched the leading jumpers, dressage and event horses in the world.
This book also included the bloodlines of European horses. These horses were beginning to make in-roads into North America at that time.
An update to the Compendium followed in the late 1990's.
These books sold in 26 countries and on 5 continents around the world.
They were considered the leading authority in sport horse breeding at the time. These publications were used in many of the major European breeding regions for their selection of breeding stock, especially pertaining to Thoroughbred lines.

In the early 1980's Dr. Birdsall, with Smith Farms of Denver, was a member of a team headed by Dr. Pickett and Ed Squires at Colorado State University Veterinary School.
This sport horse breeding endeavor, utilizing newly developing procedures for embryo transfer in mares and  freezing stallion semen, was an important early step in the development of today's horse breeding technology.
The program produced several Grand Prix jumpers including one that was rated in the top 10 show jumpers in the world in the late 1990's.

In the mid 1980's Dr. Birdsall founded the Horses in Sport Federation, a North American organization whose mandate was to record pedigree and performance information for the sport horse industry.
In 1995 this organization evolved into the Performance Horse Registry (PHR) and was maintained by The Jockey Club, one of the nation's premier record keeping organizations.
In 2004 the PHR was moved from The Jockey Club to become part of of the United States Equestrian Federation.  The USEF serves as the National and International  Governing Body For Equestrian Sport in the United States.

Dr. Birdsall is a member of the team that developed the Sport-Horse Data website in Europe. This team has assembled  over 1 million pedigrees of sport horses.  www.sporthorse-data.com

Dr. Birdsall has written numerous articles about competition horse breeding and bloodlines in major publications in North America and Europe.

Dr. Birdsall developed the 'StarMaker' computer system that makes involved bloodline analysis possible and allows the data for sport horses and  timed-event rodeo horses to be compiled and distributed.