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The Comparable Index (CI)

The Comparable Index (CI) is determined by dividing the total number of times a sire appears in the rodeo horse database divided by the total number of  rodeo
 horses appearing in the database, multiplied by 100.

                                    (total times a sire is present) / (total number of rodeo horses in the database)* 100

It is calculated for each sire in each event  and in all events.

This gives an indication of the importance of each individual sire in each of the rodeo events and  in all events based on a 5 generation pedigree.

This allows a meaure of a sire's influence in rodeo horse pedigrees compared to each of the other important stallions and allows a method of comparing a sire's own influence
 against all other sires in each event and in all events.

The top 50 stallions are listed.