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What is Dosage
The Dosage values indicate the influence of the most important sires in the pedigree of an individual timed-event  horse.
It is similar to the Dosage system used in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry which is a numerical analysis of the strengths in a Thoroughbred pedigree based on the location of  outstanding parents in its pedigree.

In Thoroughbreds the categories range from Brilliant (speed,short distance), Intermediate, Classic, Solid, to Professional(stamina, distance).

We have designated three categories for the timed event horses.

These categories  are Speed, Classic (speed plus cowsense) and Cowhorse.

For example:
       Speed would include horses like Rocket Bar, Beduino and First Down Dash.
       Classic would be Doc Bar, Sun Frost, Leo and Three Bars.
       Cowhorse would be horses such as Docs Hickory, Freckles Playboy and Dual Pep.

The numbers are based on major sires found in a 5 generation pedigree.

Sires found in the first generation recieve 16 points
                           second generation - 8 points
                           third generation  - 4 points
                           fourth generation - 2 points
                           fifth generation -1 point

As a Rule:

Barrel Horses will show high numbers in Speed, and Classic and lower in cowhorse.
Heading Horses will have some Speed and Classic and Cowhorse.
Heeling horses generally have low Speed numbers and high Cowhorse indexes.
Steer Wrestling Horses will havee a lot of Speed and Classic with lower Cowhorse.
Tiedown Horses have high Cowhorse numbers but many also show Speed indexes.
Cutting and Reining horses are basically Classic and Cowhorse.

There will be exceptions in horses competing in a particular event.