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                                                                                                               What's New

We have made major improvements to the eBloodlines web site!

We are now Beta Testing the site. If you encounter any problems, please advise us.

We have now included pedigree information, not only on the leading timed event horses in rodeo, but also the leading cutting horses and reining horses.

Pedigree searches can be done by selecting the 'Pedigrees' option from the menu.

This feature is essential whether you are buying, selling, breeding or just interested in the horses in the sport.

The program is available on your computer, tablet or smart phone so you can access it from anywhere!

How it works:

On the 'Pedigree Site' home screen type the name of a competion horse. It can be the 'show name' or the 'registered name'.
i.e. the heading horse 'Walt', or any sire or dam.

You can also find a horse by selecting the 'Performance Horse List' option.

This will produce an alphabetical list of all horses in the database.

If you want to look at horses from a particular event only, select the 'All Event Types' option at the top right hand corner of the 'Performance Horse List'

On selection of an individual, a four generation pedigree will be shown with horse information and in many occasions, notes regarding the accomplishments of the horse in competition.

Thoroughbred ancestors will be shown in red and with the breed designation 'xx'.

Duplicates in the pedigree will appear in italics.

To view an extended pedigree click on the 'Pedigree' option on the left.

Duplicate horse will be shown in coloured boxes in the extended pedigree.

Scroll to the bottom of the extended pedigree to view Inbreeding Notations  for the individual.

Click on any name in either pedigree chart to generate a list of show horses descending from the chosen ancestor.

This gives an indication in what events the chosen horse is most influential.

Click on any name in the list to view it's pedigree.

Back on the Home screen, by selecting 'Descendants' on the menu on the left, and entering a name of a mare or stallion, you can generate a list of performance  horses in which that individual is found.

Also available is a list of Sires and Broodmare Sires.

Dulication of a sire or broodmare sire in this list will indicate the horse is in more than one pedigree.

The final Selection 'Frequency Analysis' prompts for a name of a mare or stallion to be entered.

It will generate a chart showing the influence of the entered individual in each event as well as where it appears in the pedigrees.

The annual winners of the AQHA/PRCA Horse of the Year are listed in the Winners Circle. Click on the name of the Horse of the Year to view the pedigree.

Leading sires in the first two generations of the performance horses is available in the Research selection.
It will now include Cutting and Reining horses.

Also in the Research selection is a searchable PDF file to enter a rider and get a list of horses in the database that he/she has ridden.

Any comments or suggestions, please go to our Feedback link on the Equine Bloodlines Home Page.

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