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                                                                                                                 TOP DECK

The fourth most influential sire line in rodeo horses is that of the Thoroughbred stallion named Top Deck.

Born on the King Ranch in 1945, Top Deck was injured as a young horse in training and due to the injury, he did not race.  In training he had shown blistering speed over a short distance. He was line
bred to Man o War and also descends from the high class Thoroughbred stallion Sir Gallahad III.

Top Deck is a member of the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. He is noted for his major contribution to Quarter Horse racing.

He is the second most influential Thoroughbred in the rodeo horse study, only to be outdone by Three Bars.

Top Deck’s genes are evident in all events but his influence is  most notable in steer wrestling horses where he ranks 2nd in the top 50 stallions in the study. He is ranked 9th in heading horses,
12th in tie-down horses, and 10th in barrel horses. Top Deck is not found in 5 generations in any of the heeling horses.

Overall, he ranks in the 11th place position of  sires in all events.

Although Top Deck has 10 sons and 7 daughters found in the rodeo horse pedigrees, his main contribution is through his two sons, Moon Deck and Go Man Go.

Moon Deck is present 62 times in 49 of the test horses. In the study he is present in 24% of the heading horses, 6% of the heeling horses, 11% of tie-down horses, 34% of steer wrestling horses
and 55% of the barrel horses.

Moon Deck's best sons are Jet Deck and Top Moon. Both sons are especially important in barrel horses with Jet Deck being the most successful by far. Jet Deck is found in 26 barrel horses
out of 45 barrel racers, (58%) while Top Moon is found in 20% of the barrel horses.

Jet Deck is also very  important in the pedigrees of steer wrestling horses, 14 of the test horses carrying his line (38%). He is also a factor in heading horses found in 18% of the heading horses
and in 38% of the steer wrestling horses. Jet Deck is not seen as much in heeling horses (3%) and tie-down horses (11%).

Jet Deck is the sire of the stallion Easy Jet who was out of the Thoroughbred mare Lena's Bar by Three Bars. In fact both  of Easy Jet's parents are descendants of Three Bars. Easy Jet was his best
son in the production of the rodeo horses.

Easy Jet  was a winner of the All American Futurity and was named World Champion Quarter Race Horse the same year. He became the first All American Winner to sire an All American Futurity
winner. (Easy Date in 1979)

Easy Jet is an important sire in rodeo horses. He is found in  33 of the competition horses.  Easy Jet is present in 44% of the barrel horse pedigrees, 20% of the steer wrestling pedigrees, 12% of
heading horses but only 6% of tie-down horses and 3% of heeling horses.

Sweetness, Tie-Down Horse of the Year in 2011/ 2012,  is a grandson of Easy Jet.

Line bred to Easy Jet are  three outstanding horses, Fred ( 2006 and 2008 AQHA/PRCA Barrel Horse of the Year)  ridden by Mary Burger, Latte (2012 Barrel Horse of the Year) ridden
by Mary Walker and  Jessie (Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year  in 2007 and 2009 and winner of the 2012 Calgary Stampede $100,000.00 prize). Jessie was ridden in competition by Lee Graves,
Trevor Knowles and others.

Easy Jet ranks 15th in the top 50 sires of rodeo mounts.

Jet Smooth was a full brother to Easy Jet. He is found in the pedigrees of 6 of the competition horses, with 2 being heading horses and 1 descendent in each  of the other events, heeling, tie-down,
steer wrestling and barrel racing.

The other son of Moon Deck, Top Moon is  found in 10% of the rodeo horses. This includes 12% of the heading horses, 6% of tie-down horses, 10% of steer wrestling horses and, as previously
mentioned, 20% in barrel horses. Top Moon is not found in any heeling horses in the study.

Jet Deck is out of a grand-daughter of Three Bars. He was the 2 year old Champion Quarter Race Colt and and in 1963 the World Champion Quarter Running Horse and he sired numerous speed horses.

Top Deck’s other  major son, Go Man Go, was three times World Champion Quarter Running Horse, even though he was reputed to be of difficult temperament.

In the breeding shed Go Man Go sired two All American Futurity Winners and seven Champion Running Quarter Horses.

Most of the influence of Go Man Go is found through his daughters. By far the most common daughter found in the pedigrees is the mare  Go Galla Go. This mare is the dam of the stallion
Rocket Wrangler who is by Three Bars' son Rocket Bar. Most of her influence, if not all, is through her son Rocket Wrangler.

Rocket Bar went on to sire Dash for Cash. Dash for Cash was a World Champion in Quarter Horse racing in 1976 and 1977 and a leading sire of racing Quarter Horses.

Go Man Go  is present at total of 35 times in our study, 24 times through his daughter Go Galla Go,  11 times through some sons, but mostly through his other daughters.

Go Man Go is found in 26 competition horses.  His greatest contribution is found in 9 (30%) of the steer wrestling horses in the study.

Also, in barrel horses, Go Man Go appears in 11 of the barrel horses in the study (24%).

Dash for Cash is the most important descendant of Go Man Go.

He is present in 18% of the heading horses, 6% of the heeling horses, 21% of steer wrestling horses and 27% of the barrel horses. Dash for Cash was not found in any tie-down horses.

Dash for Cash sired First Down Dash, an AQHA Racing Champion and leading racing sire.

First Down Dash is out of a granddaughter of Jet Deck. He sired Dash ta Fame, a sire very popular in barrel horses.

Dash ta Fame sired the barrel horse Claimer, ridden by Sue Smith, to win the 2012 $100,000  prize at the Calgary Stampede.

Jessie (AQHA/PRCA Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year in 2007 and 2009  and 2012 winner of the $100,000 prize at the  Calgary Stampede) ridden by Lee Graves and Trevor Knowles, is inbred to
the Top Deck line through Easy Jet found 2 times in 5 generations (2X5) and Go Man Go (3X5). He is also linebred to Three Bars (2X5).

Also linebred to Top Deck (2X5) is Sweetness, 2011 and 2012 Tie-Down Horse of the Year. She is also linebred to Three Bars (2X5) and Leo (2X5).

Below is the pedigree of Jessie the 2007/2009 Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year.

In the pedigree, names highlighted in red and followed by 'xx', are Thoroughbred.

Also following the pedigree of Jessie is a summary of his inbreeding.